How to Write the Purpose of a Research Paper


To attain effective writing skills is only possible with practice and keen interest of writing. It also depends upon the topic you have selected. How to write the purpose of a research paper is a frequently asked question by students of colleges and universities. These students need guidance at every step for writing an effective paper which does not only make their reader content but also inspire their instructor. The efforts you will make to write a research paper can only be justified if you end up with an informative paper.



Teachers expect students to follow every guideline correctly to write a paper which can well communicate with the reader. Therefore, their expectations are always high when it comes to reading a research paper. There are different stages of writing a paper which includes making statement, writing introduction and brainstorming questions which will be answered at the end of the paper.

The idea of doing research will be defined in the first phase of writing a research paper. You must introduce your topic to the reader in an effective manner that the reader would like to read further and find your paper worth reading. How to write the purpose of a research paper is a question that comes under this phase.

You will define the purpose of a research paper in the introduction to let the reader know why you are writing this paper and what will be there in the body of paper. A descriptive body of paper therefore, is the most important phase of your research paper where all the information will be included. Be rational and explain what is the purpose of taking this particular topic is and why you have done research on it.

These are few questions which arise in reader’s mind as he or she begins to read your paper. Therefore, providing them with relevant justification will be beneficial for them. You should have clarity in your approach and give reasons instead of including facts in the introduction. Your introduction will be a clear picture of the information you will include. Emphasize on the chief reason and be brief while giving introduction. It should not be of three to four pages instead you will try to sum it up in 2 pages maximum.

Describe the major aspects that will be covered in the body of paper. Explain why the reader should read this particular paper by defining its unique factor. Once you are able to follow these tips on how to write the purpose of a research paper it would not be hard for you to construct a quality research paper.




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